In the mid-nineteenth century, the french Louis Vuitton created the brand LV for travel bags. Afterwards the production extended more and more, and in 1930′s, Speedy appeared in the market under the name Express.

It was called this way, because the fast development of  the lifestyle of that time. Then, this model became the perfect purse for the city: discreet, feminine and spacious. It’s one of the most iconic handbag, because this model it’s still manufactured today.

For this reason, Speedy will be classified as a legendary monogram purse of Louis Vuitton.

Which women wouldn’t like to have a Speedy bag?


Speedy bag is perfect for the city and matches with any kind of clothes or outfits. Look at the celebrities and their speedy bags:

Versatile, spontaneous and always trendy, the Speedy was already fabricated with different materials and patterns. When Marc Jacobs joined Louis Vuitton family in 1997, the iconic portfolios also began to shine on the runways with collections of prêt-à-porter brand.

Then the label had partnerships with artists who were pure successes. In 2001, Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton took to street art and painted with graffiti screen classic.

In 2003, the Japanese designer Takashi Murakami that radically changed the look of the Speedy, painting over the monogram, different kind of designs.


Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Katherine Heigl with louis vuitton speedy bag

Louis Vuitton speedy it’s fashionable product, it’s a purse that you must have in your closet!

The legendary Speedy of Louis Vuitton
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