Once you have bought a Vitamin C serum for yourself, it is time to apply it on your skin so that it can start repairing your skin quickly and effectively but it is important that you know the correct way to apply it on your skin. In case you’re not sure which one to buy then you can read vitamin c serum reviews at Omorfio.

If you don’t follow proper steps while applying the Vitamin C serum on your face, then there are chances that it might be as effective as you hoped.

So, just follow the below mentioned steps and see the wonders that your Vitamin C serum can do for your skin:

Step 1 – Clean your skin

The first step in the application of Vitamin C serum involves you to wash your skin with warm water and a mild cleanser. You can also use a damp towel to get rid of the excess oil on your face. There is no need to use a harsh cleaning solution, just remove the oil from your face and you can leave your face a little damp before you apply the Vitamin C serum.

Step 2 – Take a small amount of Vitamin C serum on your fingers

Once your skin is cleaned up, you need to take your Vitamin C serum bottle and pour it onto the palm of your hand and dab your fingers into it to apply it onto your skin.

Vitamin C Serum

Step 3 – Gently massage the serum on your skin

Now, gently massage your skin with the Vitamin C serum oil and make sure that all your skin areas are covered properly with it. You can leave your skin a little damp if there is a lot of areas to cover but avoid leaving your skin wet.

Step 4 – Let the serum air dry

Once you have applied the serum all over your skin, you need to first let it dry. Don’t blow on it or use some other artificial method for a quick drying session. Just let it naturally air dry on its own. This should take a couple of minutes.

Let the serum air dry


Step 5 – Apply a moisturizer or sunscreen on your skin

Once the serum has dried up on your face, you need to apply a moisturizer or a sunscreen on your face. This is an important step because if you don’t do it, there are chances that your skin might get sunburnt. Also, the serum is not really good at providing moisturization to your skin, so a good moisturizer would be helpful in this.

So, once you apply a moisturizer or a sunscreen, you can go out without any fear and the serum will help in retaining the moisture and protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays with the help of the sunscreen.

Step 6 – Repeat this daily

Make sure that you repeat this step twice every day. This will help in quick healing of your skin and leave your skin looking much younger and healthier. You will see that your skin looks amazing and hydrated in no time at all!

Believe in this- Repeat it

How to apply a Vitamin C Serum?

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