Are you a makeup lover/geek? A makeup lover that is willing to buy more makeup, including a new foundation? Then you have come to the right place.

I am here to present some of the best coverage foundation ever.

1. Revlon Color Stay

According to a lot of testimonials “Revlon ColorStay” is considered one of the best foundations. It is considered one of the best for a very good reason. Its full coverage foundation glides on in a very smooth way. It is so good that it comes in two different formulas. The first is a combination/oil skin and the other one is for dry skin/normal.

Revlon ColorStay comes in a big variety of colors so that you can find a shade that suits nicely.

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear

It is also without a doubt one of the best foundations. You can see it just by its selling in the market. If you are one of those women that think that makeup isn’t for “people with a certain age” then you are entirely wrong. I can prove that by explaining all the procedure of the ultimate foundation for aging skin.

There isn’t a way to stop time but I can help you to find one of the best products that WILL let the inner beauty that you have overcome.

3. Lorac Breakthrough Performance Foundation

This foundation is available at Sephora. It offers you light to medium coverage.I can’t forget to mention that is oil free.

I have made a research to see some woman’s routine regarding what they use as the best coverage foundation. There is one woman in particular that applies anti aging cream by Kiehl’s. Her second option is to apply Faced Beauty Balm. On her third choice she puts Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (liquid foundation) by Benefit.


4. Spray Foundation

It is also included in this “kit” of best coverage foundation. Everything is in advanced and makeup isn’t any different.

Dior for example is very well known not only for their perfumes but also for their makeup. Spray Foundation is also included. People tend to use this a lot and will be very disappointed if it gets out of market. Your skin will look as smooth as a porcelain doll’s face. It sprays lightly and is fantastic. Like I mentioned above Dior is known for its makeup, very good makeup actually but there are so much more Makeup Companies .

5. Oriflame Foundation

Oriflame is one of the finest cosmetic companies. Always with new products and special offers. People who wish to have a beauty salon will feel very happy to have

Oriflame as a number one choice. Lancome is also a very good makeup company with high standard best coverage foundation products. It cares a lot with our skin, their products are recommended worldwide.

Best Coverage Foundation
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